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Outbound Training

camps near Delhi when a website captured my attention, outbound trainings activities. Also this camp near Delhi is also a beautiful option for the corporate Picnics,
Our unforgettable adventurous trip to Camp Tikkling!!

My friends and I were looking around to plan a trip that we can remember for a lifetime! We had several things on our mind like going on trekking and hiking, but something was missing that would make the trip spicy and adventurous. So we all were looking at several newspapers, websites and travel agencies that can provide us with a package that will cater to all of our desires.

While browsing online my friend called me and told me about a website, She was ecstatic and screaming about beautiful camps near Delhi that the website was offering, I immediately logged on and visited the site. To my surprise, the website was really awesome. We have been to various camps near Delhi before but this one was different. The website offered Nature camp, an Adventure Camp and a Village Camp- all rolled in one.

It is a wonderful website offering amazing camping options that include several village activities, outbound training activities and pure adventure activities so close to Delhi. I instantly called all my friends to have a look at the website and they all agreed to experience the camp Tikkling. I contacted the company on their email, and told them that I and 5 of my friends want to experience Camp Tikkling adventure. The company swiftly responded and sent us its package details.

Camp Tikkling is located at a distance of 35 kilometers from Dhaula Kuan, and an easy one-hour drive from Connaught Place (CP). The place is surrounded by worlds one of the oldest hills-Aravalis. Such a beautiful and adventurous camp near Delhi was tough to imagine. There are pictures on the website that gave us an idea of what all we would be seeing and experiencing there. Along with some fun, we would experience excitement and thrill of the adventurous activities that this camp near Delhi offers.

As we reached there in the morning, we were given camps to keep our stuff and get a little rest. Then we went for a walk in the jungle to see beautiful trees around us, it was amazing to see wild flowers and beautiful birds there. After that we went for rock climbing up till the valley and performed valley crossing. It was so much fun; we went one by from one side of the valley to another in the supervision of experts. While I was crossing the valley, I saw beneath me, the valley was so deep; it was mind boggling. I never had experienced such a great activity in any of the camps near Delhi.

Next day we went for trekking on the Aravali mountain range. There were many other groups of people, families and kids who had come to experience the enthralling camp Tikkling. To my surprise, I also saw companies that brought their employees for corporate picnic and outbound training in the camp. I was delighted to see that this camp is for everyone.

Actually Camp Tikkling can act as a very functional place for the corporates who are looking for corporate picnics/offsite or corporate outbound training workshops. Corporate houses are using adventure activities to train their workers through outbound training workshops. These outbound workshops help corporate teams to develop team bonding and emerge as a leaders.

The best part about the camp was that during night we could listen to natural sound of winds touching the leaves of the tress and see beautiful sky lit above us like a carpet studded with glowing stars. Star gazing in the night was highly memorable for me.

If you are also looking for some adventurous camps near Delhi for school camps, corporate picnics, outbound training workshops or just a fun family day out, choose Camp Tikkling. It’s marvelous!